Does the excess intake of CBD oil kill?
The major question that has been asked regarding the use of CBD oil has been on
its safety levels. However, in 2017, the WHO (world health organization) made
their perspective clear about the solution. According to WHO, CBD oil has no
public health challenges and a very good safety profile.
Note: the above statement is only applicable when used as a pure extract from a
cannabis plant (comprising both marijuana and hemp varieties).
Regardless, with the help of toxicology and chemistry, we have come to know
that there is a deadly cutoff point somewhere. All chemical substances, as we
should know, are potentially harmful when taken in a massive dose. Even the
water we drink can be disastrous to us humans when it is consumed excessively in
a short period.
The Epidiolex (an epilepsy drug made from CBD) is the first natural cannabis
medicine that gained FDA (food and drug administration) approval. Based on this
act, the level of curiosity in so many individuals has increased as to the toxic level
of the CBD oil is? More like what amount of CBD oil is liking to kill? Thus, to get
the answer to this question, read to the end.

According to the FDA, all approved medicine is required to ascertain a toxicity
level (also known as the LD50). The toxicity level or LD50 (where LD stands for
“lethal dose”) is the percentage of a given chemical compound that is likely to kill
50% of test subjects at a particular dose. Note that the test subjects, in this case,
are female rats, as they are more susceptible to toxic effects that the male rats.
Nevertheless, any animal variety would be sufficient.
So that you know, the clinical trials for all FDA-approved drug do have to disclose
the LD50. There has to be an understandable pre-existing scientific evidence
which ascertains some form of toxicity for the said compound.

Thus, the approval of Epidiolex didn’t come with a disclosure of its toxicity level or
LD50 for CBD. However, numerous past studies have strived to deduce the level
for its 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the cannabidiol (CBD).

How much CBD is needed to kill you?
The government’s toxicology data network is a list of the toxicity levels for
cannabidiol (CBD), which is the major ingredient in Epidiolex. However, there are
three different LD50’s noted from three separate studies ranging for more than
seventy (70) years now.

  1. In 1946, when administered intravenously (IV), the LD50 for CBD in dogs
    was ascertained to be more than 254mg/kg of body weight.
  2. In 1975, when also administered intravenously, the LD50 was verified in
    mice at 50mg/kg of body weight.
  3. In 1981, using the intravenous administration method, a report from the
    Toxicity and Applied Pharmacology revealed the LD50 for CBD to be 212
    mg/kg of body weight in monkeys.
    However, with the 2011 article in current drug safety which observed the toxic
    level of the CBD in a rhesus monkey that was administered orally. Doses with over
    200 mg/kg were fatal in some of the monkeys by way of cardiac failure and
    respiratory arrest while doses of 300 mg/kg lead to instant death.
    However, most regular CBD oil users use not more than a hundred (100) mg of
    the chemical or compound.

So that you know, there is no stipulated lethal dose for the use of CBD oil for
humans. The chemical is a non-addictive and safe substance, according to the
world health organization (WHO) and other medical-related organizations.
However, it is a good practice to always talk to your doctor before incorporating
CBD into your health routine.

I hope this was an interesting piece. Please let us know what you think about the
CBD toxicity in the comment session.